Friday, August 26, 2011

I FINALLY Got to BLOG and I LIKE it!

I haven't blogged in so long because my mom hasn't let me. I like it when you guys leave me comments.

I like this picture so much because he is my favorite X-man!

Her name is Sarah and she just graduated and this is all my mom and dads kids.

This is me reading my Bible and I like my Bible and I'm on the Play Structure.

This is when we were hiking and it's me my brother and my dad.

This is me. I had to walk the plank at the Pirate Day. We have one every single year.
It was the first time I got to do this though. I broke a rule on the ship so the Pirate made me walk the plank.

This is me and my brother when we first started school.
I had a really good day and I learned a lot!

This is me, my first time playing soccer and being a goalie.
The people with the yellow shirts are on my team.
I like soccer a lot!

This is some of my friends. Alec and Nate.
We're trying to be cool!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Quick Update

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to post for a long time and I finally got to but my mom never lets me go on my blog. I've been doing lately some Legos or army guys or playing with my ginormous dinosaur. Comment if you look at my blog cause I want to see it.

I love you. Bye.

Here is my bb gun. I shot it with my uncle.

This is a picture of my dad moving his office into my room. There is a person from Brazil living in our house and she got his office. Her name is Tati (Ta-chee).

This is me holding my best Lego thing in the whole entire world. I got a new one yesterday which is a helicopter.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pictures of me when I was lately...

This is me doing the surfing on the razor.

I was hanging off the basketball hoop.

I was at the dentist getting my teeth cleaned. I didn't have any cavaties.

This is me and my dad racing on push ups.

This my people that came from China. Michael was funny. Wen-pei was not.

I get in my parents bed but I'm not supposed to but I love cuddling with my mom and dad.

This is me doing Karate. I learned it from Karate Kid.

This is my one foot hang that I'm not allowed to do all the time.
But it's my coolest move I have right now.

Kenyon why haven't you blogged in so long?

"I didn't do it cause I haven't been on my blog that long. I didn't do it but I wanted to but my mom says no."

What do you want people to know about you?

"I'm a boy that knows super cool tricks. Like a headstand (he is now doing that while I type), like a flip and like a spin move break dancer."

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kenyon O Rock

Sorry I haven't put nothing on here in a long time ago. My mom said I could do it today. Cause I've been a good boy. I have a favorite new show it is A Team. I really want you guys to watch it because it's funny and they are really good at fighting.

I like having picnics. Someday will you have a picnic with me?
My dad is really good at cutting off rattlesnakes heads. This is the day that a baby rattlesnake was in our backyard.

This is me on the way to church when my mom was taking a picture of me. I think I look good in my picture.

Yesterday, I was making a rainbow picture. My rainbow picture my mom liked and I'm gonna show it to my dad.

I like this one! I love to skim board. My daddy taught me really good to skim board.

Thank you for looking at my blog!

Monday, January 11, 2010

My Basketball Game

Happy Birthday. It's my birthday. Will you please invite me to your parties? Here is pictures I had at basketball. I want another Wolverine claw for my birthday.

I was making a pose for mom.

I am dribbling the basketball down the court.

When I was shooting somebody catched it.

I'm jumping and I'm shooting.

I am doing basketball poses for mom this pose is funny.

Good job Lakers you did a good job. My team is the Kings and we are really better.

This is Kenyon we are doing a nice picture for my mom with Lauren and Brookie and Erin.

A few words from mom... Kenyon has been begging to have a blog for such a long time now. We told him that once he learned all his letters and the sounds they make he could start one but that happened way earlier than I expected. Then we said he could have one when he turns 5 and that is in just a few days. So here it is... Kenyon's blog. Enjoy. Oh and just so you know he picked all the titles and the domain name and has had this for about a year without being allowed to use it. He is so excited. And about his game - it was so cute! He did really good and although he likes basketball we realized we should have put him in modeling since he spent more time posing, doing cartwheels and strutting around than focusing on the game... what a dork!